ADiMat Downloads

Here you can download ADiMat for different platforms. Each download includes the runtime environment for Matlab/Octave and the client for the transformation server.

Windows (PCWIN and PCWIN64)

Download one of these releases if

The executables in these releases are 32 Bit, cross-compiled with MinGW GCC. The MEX-functions (stacks) in these releases are for 64 Bit systems and compiled with Visual Studio 2010.

adimat-0.6.6-5529-mingw32-i686.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 4a0a34dc0959f252ab5eb49cdc1d1a8f)

Linux (GLNXA64)

Download one of these releases if

We have Linux builds for Debian GNU/Linux Stable, OpenSUSE 42.1 and Ubuntu Zesty. Users of other systems may try using the source release of adimat-client below. If there are problems please contact us.


adimat-0.6.6-5529-DebianBuster-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 1657a3b45cecf23f8098a89754be416d)

adimat-0.6.6-5529-DebianSid-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 02ab36fa64a8a351a212f5c54f63b111)

adimat-0.6.6-5529-DebianStretch-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 7317799d23bf81fd2479860033fb0b40)

adimat-0.6.6-5529-DebianJessie-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 89ec30c1ef7ab080974829cf69775623)

adimat-0.6.6-5529-DebianWheezy-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 0dc082ffde4df710f4af3434539e73c3)



adimat-0.6.6-5529-OpenSUSE42.1-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 6e81904443d2833379e2cdf12db7c03c)


adimat-0.6.6-5529-CentOS7.4-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 32f570a313853169cf26c0a3a4901944)

adimat-0.6.6-5529-CentOS7.3-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: ee7f623dbd017a83b40fc168ba419642)

adimat-0.6.6-5529-CentOS7.2-x86_64.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 71610bd35bb4ef16a94a19c5b24a09cd)

MacOS, BSD and other operating systems

To obtain ADiMat for other operating systems like MacOS and BSD, download a Linux version above and additionally the sources of the adimat-client program which you find below. This can be used to compile adimat-client on your OS. Replace the adimat-client binary in the Linux distribution by the one compiled on your system. If you encounter problems building adimat-client for your system, please contact us.

adimat-client-0.6.6-5529-src.tar.gz (.sig, md5: 3433434db78c228178f4e14ca68c7c88)